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It shouldn't surprise you that USAToday rated the Zlatni Rat beach into the top 50 beaches worldwide!

Here are some of my photos from the famous Zlatni Rat Beach which you can find in Brac island. OK, let's start...

First view onto the Zlatni Rat beach from car while we drove through the fishing village Bol. 
In the background you can see the island

This is right before the fishing village "Bol" and you have a fantastic view onto the beautiful Zlatni Rat beach. In the background you can see Hvar island.

View onto the amazing beach from cliffs

You have a very good view onto the beach from the cliffs. If you like to be clothless - there's a nudist beach area right down the cliffs.

Closer view from the peak of the Zlatni Rat beach with people having fun. It really is one 
of those

I absolutely love the turquoise color and sometimes I could really think I am in the Carribean...

A photo of the nearest (and best) parking lot. If you arrive by car, this is the easiest 
way to have a hassle-free and exciting day at this beach.

Parking lot at Zlatni Rat beach: When you arrive by car - there's a parking lot just around 200 meters from the beach. It isn't cheap and you have to buy a ticket for the entire day (50 Kuna, around EUR 7 or $10).

HINT: you have one free ticket for a taxi boat to Bol (you'll see those taxi boats later).

Behind the parking lot you can see the hills of Brac island.

From the parking lot and also from the beach you have a wonderful view onto one of the many mountains of Brac island.

That's our car. We got a parking lot with some shadow - great at hot summer days.

We arrived early in the morning and got a parking lot with some shadow.

There are a lot of pine trees right before the Zlatni Rat beach. 
To hot? Come and enjoy the cool breeze under those pine trees.

There are a lot of pine trees right before the beach.

More pine trees before the Zlatni Rat beach.

Even more pine trees - great for some shadow...

That's the beach. We arrived earlier and so, there weren't many people.

That was earlier in the morning - not crowded, yet.

If you want (and can afford 50 Kunas) - you can rent a canvas chair and a sunshade.

You can rent a canvas chair and a sunshade for 40 Kuna for each (EUR 6, $9). On this popular beach, you actually won't find something "cheap" - at least in my opinion :-)

Couple walking across the volley ball field - the deep blue Adriatic in the background.

I like it the most in the morning. It's quiet - just the wind and the waves.

"I wish you a great time on this beautiful beach!"

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