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Don't forget to have your camera handy ... you can take some fantastic pictures here!

Like everywhere along the Croatian coast or the islands - you can rent a taxi boat. The town

Like all the major places in Croatia - you can rent a "taxi boat". Don't worry, it's a taxi as you can find in any other city...ok, the weels are missing. But that's all. Just try it out, it's a lot of fun and you could "island hop" to Hvar.

Me at the Zlatni Rat beach

Me at the beach. I think my T-Shirt was a good choice that day. All the same blue colors as the Adriatic in the background :-)

View onto the beach from Zlatni Rats' peak

Zlatni Rat beach from the peak, the lifeguard and mountains of Brac island. The fishing village Bol (to which the beach belongs) from this perspective is on the right side. You can also take a taxi boat and visit Bol.

Beach and hills of Brac island

For boats there is are "marked street" (lines with balls). This way, the swimming area is separated and safe! Please don't swim or dive here.

Speed boat and lots of people on the beach.

This is a closer look onto this "boat street" - where you can also hire the taxi boat. Behind the boat you see more and more people flocking to the beach.

Swimmer and the beautiful scenery of Brac island in the background.

Brac island has a lot of greenery - mainly pine trees.

Photo of Zlatni Rats' peak

Pebbles and the turquoise-to-deep-blue Adriatic. I bet you want to jump in right now :-)

This is a photo of a windsurfer right before the beach.

Here you can see a windsurfer. If that interests you - there is a windsurfing school in Bol where you can also rent a board and the equipment. On any given day you can see quite a lot of windsurfers (most near of Bol). It's a very popular windsurfing destination.

Me again on the beach.

I love this blue...and I am not talking about my shoes, shorts or T-Shirt :-)

Pebbles and the Adriatic.

Wave, pebbles and the Adriatic - actually this is the peak of Zlatni Rat.

"Happy Exploring!"

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