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Enjoy your time at a beach which was rated under the top 50 beaches worldwide!

Me at the west-side of the beach. The water has all the different colors of blue - it's so beautiful!

Me on the west-side of Zlatni Rat beach. This is the part of the beach with higher waves.

People having fun with those waves at the west side of this Croatian beach.

People enjoying their stay on this beach.

Photo of the whole west side - there's a nudist beach at the end (cliffs) for those who 
like clothless beaches (there are so many in Croatia).

At the end, where you can see the cliffs, there is a nudist beach section (the so called Paklina beach).

Sparkling water

Waves reflecting the sunshine.

Photo of waves rolling onto the beach.

As I said before, there are higher waves on the west-side of the beach. Great for "wave-fighting" and having some fun :-)

West side of Croatias' top five beach.

The Zlatni Rat beach looks not so big in most travel magazines. But, as you can see - it's something around 250 meters long.

View from the cliffs (nudist beach) towards the peak. In the background you can 
see hills of Hvar island.

People having fun - in the background you can see Hvar island. It's very near and really worth a trip.

View onto the Adriatic.

...some more Adriatic blue...

The central area isn't crowded most of the time. Of course, most people love to be right at the water.

Most people like to be as near to the water as possible. Even if the beach is crowded during peak season - you can find some space in the middle.

Phot from the cliffs down to some anchoring yachts.

Sailing yachts anchoring near the beach.

View from above onto this fantastic Croatian beach.

Isn't this beach beautiful? ... I love it!

"Relax, enjoy and have fun in the sun with your loved ones :-)"

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