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Rent a taxi boat and visit the near fishing village Bol!

Photo of a taxi boat which shuttles among Zlatni Rat beach and the town

That's a bigger taxi boat which shuttles between the Zlatni Rat beach and Bol.

Important: If you bought a ticket of the parking lot (whole day), then you have one free ticket for the taxi!

Here you can see that the beach is really sickle shaped.

View onto the beach - Hvar island in the background.

Another taxi boat arrives at the beach.

Another taxi boat arrives at the beach.

Same photo as above, just zoomed. You can see a woman at the beach and the crystal clear azure water.

Nice place to spend the day. See the crystal clear blue water? Fantastic!

Photo from the cliffs through pine trees. Here you can also find a restaurant, Cafe and a hotel. 
The view is awesome from here!

Aerial view of the beach ...

Zoomed picture again. People go aboard (taxi boat).

Tourists going on board of a taxi to visit Bol.

Photo of a beautiful sailingboat - through pine trees.

Here I photographed a nice sailing yacht through the pine trees.

Aerial view from the Zlatni Rat beach.

Another aerial view onto the beach.

View down the cliffs. Although this part doesn't belong to the Zlatni Rat beach - 
it's really worth to spend some time here.

Water down the cliffs ... inviting us to swim :-)

Aerial view from the beach again.

Closer look ...

Peak of this wonderful Croatian beach

Peak of the Zlatni Rat beach and (as you know now) Hvar island in the background.

Some greenery and hills of Brac island.

Landscape of Brac island - greenery and mountains. For me it sometimes looks like the savannah in Africa...

That's a table of the Café right on top of the cliffs. Have a cup of coffee and enjoy the 
fabulous view onto the beach.

There are steps up the cliffs to a hotel area, souvenir shops and a Cafe. Here is a nice table right next to the cliffs - have a cup of coffee and enjoy a breathtaking view onto the beach.

Sailboats in the azure water of the Adriatic.

As you can see, a lot of people come to Brac island and this beach via boat. Great decision!

A beautiful motor yacht is arriving at the beach.

Motor yacht is anchoring. There is always a small boat (right side on the picture) which helps you.

"That's it! My photo gallery of this beautiful beach in Bol - Brac island. I hope you like it and if you decide to spend some time there - enjoy it!"

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