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...whatever your plans for the summer in Croatia, be sure to visit Zrce Beach before you leave.

Near the Croatian town of Novalja, Zrce Beach is located on the beautiful island of Pag.

Novalja is a buzzing tourist area on the island, and as such, makes for a wonderful jumping off point to head to the beach.

The fifth largest island in the Adriatic, Pag offers the visitor a well-indented, long coastline stretching for 270 kilometers containing bays, coves, capes, and stunning beaches.

The beach itself is a long pebbled beach in the northeastern part of Pag Island, in a cove opposite the town of Pag. A popular urban beach with sunbathers from the local area, as well as tourists, you can easily reach the beach via car or a shuttle bus that runs regularly from Novalja to Zrce.

Photo of Zrce beach

The beach is quite beautiful - surrounded by lush woods with winding paths all leading to the beachfront. You can park in front of the beach area. It provides all the amenities you need - life-saving equipment, lifeguards, first aid, disabled facilities, showers, drinking water, canoes, paddle boats, catering, rentals, phones, recycling boxes, windsurfing boards, motor boats, and speed boats.

You can take a windsurfing or water skiing course if you want - there's even a gym! Lifeguards patrol the area from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and the beach is zoned for a variety of different activities, including places specifically for kids and non-swimmers.

The "party" beach of Croatia, Zrce has three beach clubs (Aquarius, Kalypso, and Papaya) all of which are open 24/7 during the busy summer months. For this reason the younger crowd looking for a beach clubbing experience is normally drawn to this place. Some people refer to it as the Ibiza of Croatia.

Do you love to dance?

Then this is your place. Have a look at the video below and get an impression what kind of "parties" you can expect ... if you are one of those party-lovers (like me), then I bet you will love it as much as I do :-)

Dancing in the beach clubs Papaya, Kalypso & Aquarius (5:56 min.)

But even if you aren't the "party-all-night" type, this beach offers a lot of great daytime activities for all ages. Don't be scared off by the beach's party reputation - it's a gorgeous place to visit with the family if you want to enjoy some of the best sand and surf Croatia has to offer. The beach is easily accessible to the public and is the beach destination of choice for Croatians and world travelers alike.

If you're planning a Croatian itinerary and want to include some amazing beaches in your plans, don't forget to pencil in this beautiful beach. It's a scenic beach area with perfect weather almost every day of the summer! The warm waters of the Mediterranean coupled with the bright sunshine and sandy beachfront make Zrce Beach the best place to be when you want to catch some rays Croatian-style.

And don't worry - because this is an urban beach frequented by all kinds of people, you won't have trouble finding good food to eat or delicious drinks to quench your thirst. Here you get more than just fun people and striking views - you get outstanding local and international cuisine, as well as modern facilities and amenities you'd expect anywhere in Europe.

Bring the whole family or venture out on your own. I have to repeat - whatever your plans for the summer in Croatia, be sure to visit Zrce Beach before you leave.

"If you visit on your next trip - enjoy your time there :-)"

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